In 2014 vtwonen celebrated its half century. What started as a simple magazine has since morphed into an all-round home decorating brand.

Ard Siekerman, Brand Director Home Deco, insists that vtwonen has always been a step ahead. "Trendsetting is inherent to our DNA and evident in the magazine itself, our website, our apps and in all vtwonen-labelled home decorating products. Fifteen years ago we were the first media brand to develop our own paint and today you can furnish and decorate your entire house with vtwonen products. Together with our license partners we even build houses!"

vtwonen on TV and online

In September 2014 Dutch TV company SBS6 launched a new vtwonen programme. The show was an instant hit and is now often ranked in the top 25 of the Netherlands’ most-watched programmes.  At exactly the same time was also relaunched. Providing the inspiration customers expect from vtwonen, is effectively an online store with over 20,000 home deco products from more than 140 leading home deco brands. Siekerman calls it the ultimate crossover between content and shopping. "Which other store can offer 6,000 content articles that can inspire customers’ home decorating creativity, while at the same time giving them the direct opportunity to buy whatever they see?"


Consumers are exposed to the vtwonen brand through the magazine, the website, the online store, apps, retail stores and TV. "All these media touchpoints complement one another,"  says Siekerman. "The TV show is having a direct and very positive effect on the store, more than doubling the number of visitors, as well as on magazine sales. Online turnover grows significantly during the show and visitors tend to stay on the site for longer too, which is exactly what we want." Plans for 2015 include expanding the assortment in the store to 30,000 products, increasing conversion, attracting even more visitors and intensifying the promotion of the store. 


In 2015 vtwonen will also open many shop-in-shops for their labelled products inside physical home decorating stores. And thanks to the success of the TV show more episodes will be produced and vtwonen is even working on an improved format. "Looking ahead to the next fifty years, I see vtwonen remaining a mainstream and adaptive home deco brand,"  says Siekerman. "We will continue to inspire and help consumers create beautiful and trendy homes."

Ard Siekerman:
"We will continue to inspire and help consumers create beautiful and trendy homes"