In 2014 Nelonen Media successfully launched two new brands, a radio station called Loop and a TV channel called Hero. Both have added something unique.

Nelonen Media President Pia Kalsta explains that Loop and Hero TV were created to grow market share in certain target groups, but in a way that brings something new to the market. (Pia Kalsta has been appointed CEO Sanoma Media Finland in february 2015.) Based on the latest trends in how people consume media, in-house expertise and hand-picked external partners were used to build these two brands.

Filling the gap

Work on Loop started in late 2013, after the successful rebranding of Suomipop, now the number one commercial radio station in Finland. Kalsta feels that maintaining a competitive brand portfolio calls for continuous and systematic effort. After rebranding Suomipop, Nelonen wanted to further improve its position in the female target audience. Loop was created to fill that gap, knowing that by starting with a younger audience, women between 25 and 44 would follow. Loop got off to an impressive start, surpassing all its goals for 2014. It has quickly become relevant to its target audience. "It plays an important commercial role and is a flexible platform for executing innovative commercial cases with advertising clients," assures Kalsta.

Pia Kalsta:
"It plays an important commercial role and is a flexible platform for executing innovative commercial cases with advertising clients" 

Shaping the future

Hero TV was introduced in November. TV viewing habits are changing, and Nelonen Media wants to help shape its future by offering a new way of programming linear TV and its VOD extension. Hero is very active on social media, which differentiates it from other TV channels. This has led to some exciting commercial opportunities. Well received by viewers and advertisers alike, Hero TV also exceeded all expectations during its startup phase. By engaging a younger, harder-to-reach audience it is already playing an important role in the company’s TV brand portfolio. And judging by the high viewing figures of Hero content online, Hero and the video-on-demand service clearly complement one another.

Market leader

Nelonen Media is already the clear market leader in commercial radio, but Kalsta wants more. "We are reinventing the image and concept of radio, making it more attractive for advertisers and consumers alike. In TV it’s our ambition to become market leader for the 10 to 44 target group in commercial TV, which includes free TV and advertising video on demand (AVOD)."  It’s early days for both Loop and Hero but it’s already obvious that both are contributing to Nelonen Media’s targets by strengthening its portfolio and introducing fresh, innovative concepts to the market.