Mobile, and with more adaptability and gamification, the new version of VAN IN's bingel is hot in Belgium and now in Sweden too. And it’s ready to take on more European countries.

In Belgium 'bingelen' means to practise on a digital learning platform. bingel is one of the few brands to become an acclaimed verb, even chosen as one of the most popular new Flemish words three years ago.

Revamped version

This digital learning platform, a solution of Belgian Sanoma company VAN IN, started up in 2011. Then in September 2014 a revamped version − fine-tuned on feedback received from pupils, teachers, parents and headmasters − was launched. Lieven Bossuyt, product owner of bingel, reckons the concept itself hasn't really changed, but everything else about bingel has. Some of the most important changes include the development of bingel for mobile learning on tablets and the increased adaptability and gamification that’s been brought to the platform. The new version has been enthusiastically received. Pupils appreciate its touch interface and the fact that every grade now has its own particular look and feel. At the beginning of the school year, VAN IN organised teacher training sessions for over 3,000 primary school teachers. According to Bossuyt it was a great success because this was more than three times the average number of participating teachers.

Bingel in Sweden

In September 2014 the platform was also launched in Sweden. Sanoma Utbildning was looking for a way to engage pupils in digital learning. They found the expertise they were looking for in Belgium and then adapted it for local use. The response in Sweden has been very positive. They started with mathematics for the first grade, and on the back of its success they are now rolling out the platform for the fourth grade. Other grades will follow soon. Bossuyt expects 2015 to be another promising year for bingel. VAN IN will focus on launching it in Wallonia, the French-speaking region of Belgium. Spurred by bingel’s success, VAN IN has also created what it calls 'diddit', a new learning concept for secondary education. Additionally, Sanoma Pro is to launch bingel in Finland. And together with an academic partner, VAN IN is researching how bingel improves the learning outcomes of pupils and how it supports teachers in their daily activities.

Favourite brand

Bossuyt pulls no punches on his ambition for bingel. "I want it to be a favourite brand so that pupils and teachers throughout the world will love learning with bingel." With eight out of ten pupils and teachers 'bingeling' in Belgium, its potential is clearly evident.

Lieven Bossuyt:
"I want it to be a favourite brand so that pupils and teachers throughout the world will love learning with bingel"

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