In 2014 Nowa Era, part of Sanoma Learning in Poland, launched the first edition of the Diagnoza Nowej Ery suite, which comprises final-exam testing and assessment services for teachers and students.

In Poland in the 2014-2015 school year, new formats were introduced for final exams. The results of these exams are the main benchmark for schools, their headmasters and teachers. To this end, Diagnoza Nowej Ery (NE) is a complete solution for schools that combines written tests with digital administration and distribution, explains Project Manager Iwona Radomyska. It supports the company’s core textbook products and comprises a supplementary collection of exam preparation tools.

The aim of the Diagnoza NE portal is to enable schools to carry out mock exams, or dress rehearsals, ahead of real exams so that students’ results can be checked and compared nationwide. By providing meaningful assessments of their level and preparing them for exams, it also helps students improve their exam skills.

Half of primary schools in Poland and a third of lower-and upper-secondary schools actively used the first edition of this innovative product, which carried a total of over 600,000 completed tests.
With Diagnoza NE suite Nowa Era’s business ambition is to grow its client database, gain more active users and support its core business, which is providing textbooks and supplementary education materials.