VOoruit is a platform started by Malmberg in 2013 to speed up the time to market of new digital learning products. 

ePublishing Manager Mark van Hussen is responsible for Malmberg’s digital products for secondary education.  "The previous platform had reached the end of its lifecycle,"  he explains. "This presented us with an opportunity to completely redesign our digital offering and create a future-proof platform."
After spending a lot of time talking to teachers and students, VOoruit came to two conclusions: teachers want to know how familiar pupils are with the curriculum, and pupils want better insight into how well prepared they are. These conclusions formed the basic design principles for VOoruit.

From PC to tablet


Given that schools use tablets as well as PCs, hard requirements had to be met. Some 90% of all secondary school pupils also have smartphones. Whatever device is used, it always had to work, irrespective of location or hardware. This is why the platform is web-based and works on any screen.  For the most part the education market is still mainly analogue, in other words a world of books. But that’s finally changing and its digitisation is gaining momentum. "As book publisher Malberg wants to show schools that we can also meet their digital needs."

Malmberg  produces a new edition of a book every four years, but with digital products the rhythm is totally different. Updates are even possible every week or month.

Instant feedback

Being such a dynamic product makes the Lean Start up principle ideally suited to VOoruit. It involves developing the product incrementally and introducing changes to the market immediately. This enables Malmberg to get instant feedback from teachers and pupils that can be used to fine-tune the product. It’s an ongoing process.The first part of the continuous development of the platform is adding language methods. Malmberg will keep adding new functionality so that teachers and pupils can do more and more with it. A key goal is to offer them adaptive and personalised learning methods as soon as possible. At the moment there are five different learning methods on VOoruit, but that’s after just taking the initial steps towards another goal: obtaining digital market leadership!