A product of the Maths and Science department of Sanoma Pro in Finland, Kymppi has already proved its worth with schools’ lower grades and will now build on that success.

In 2014, maths method Kymppi was launched for schools’ third grades, after being introduced for the first and second grades during the preceding years. And it’s proving a big hit, both commercially and in the way it has been received by pupils and teachers, especially teachers.

Scale of use

Kymppi is based on its predecessor, Matikka, which business manager Maths and Science Minna Sulander sees as an invaluable foundation. Matikka was a success, but to achieve a bigger scale of use the company had to take a long hard look at what needed to be changed.  Asked what they want from a digital maths method, teachers’ said that exercises in printed books were often too complicated for pupils to understand. The structure of the exercises was so complex that pupils didn’t know how to do them. There was a clear need for exercises that pupils could work out for themselves, so that teachers could devote more time to students who were struggling with the maths.

Major market success

For the Sanoma team it was clear they had to develop a whole new method. This was the impetus for Kymppi, the first maths method in Finland that provides teachers with rich digital teaching material to support their workflow. It’s proving to be a major market success.  Teachers love the new material on offer. The exercises are much more appropriate, allowing pupils to do more themselves unassisted, and they also have more education products at their disposal. Teachers can now show pupils how to work individually, but they also have the possibility for class activities that can be done together. There is certainly reason for optimism about Kymppi; sales for the first grade rose by 148% in 2014. And looking ahead, one new grade will be launched every year, starting with grade four in 2015, followed by grade five in 2016 and six in 2017.

Completely digital

From a financial point of view primary school mathematics are a big deal for schools because they have to buy new education material every year. Making Kymppi completely digital as soon as possible is a crucial focus point. The overriding ambition is to be a leading player in the market.