"Sanoma's employees are very committed to transformation. Thanks to this mindset we are moving forward fast," says Leila Kaleva, who has been leading the implementation and follow-up of Sanoma’s strategic change programme and strategy process since January 2014.

According to Kaleva, organisational transparency and accountability are the most important factors in successful strategy implementation. "Transparency helps us identify our challenges as well as the areas in which we need to increase co-operation. In complex situations, we have to be creative and tackle problems together in order to reach the set targets."

The divestments made in Russia and Eastern Europe, and the good progress with Sanoma's 100 million euro cost savings programme were big steps towards efficiency and a stronger balance sheet last year. Now it is time to accelerate the growth in Sanoma's core domains, brands and new businesses. The Group aims to attain organic growth in 2016.

Invest smartly in growth

"Through focusing and prioritizing we are able to do less when possible and do more where needed – and push forward growth initiatives.
We already have good proof points on progress. Our target of organic growth becomes reachable when we invest smartly in growth."

"Through focusing and prioritizing we are able to do less when possible and do more where needed"

In both the media and Learning businesses, Sanoma people are used to moving fast, Kaleva says. "It's no news to us that we need to change together with the world and serve our customers better. This mentality helps us find common targets and focus on reaching them together."