Last year was a busy one for the people behind the ever-popular LINDA. brand. They professionalised the news website, launched a new book-publishing company, and even started up an advertising agency.

Originally launched in October 2013, the ethos underscoring news website,, was setting the conversation agenda for every woman, every day, on every device. The site was created because the female editorial staff of LINDA. considered most news websites to be too male-oriented and lacking in human-interest stories and subjects that generally interest women. "Women’s websites are all about lipstick," laments editor-in-chief at large Jildou van der Bijl. " carries news that women want to identify with, discuss, share and reflect upon."

Jildou van der Bijl:
" carries news that women want to identify with, discuss, share and reflect upon"


In the beginning LINDA. managed through its own editorial office, but last year it professionalised the organisation by adding a dedicated editor-in-chief and a newsroom. The website was fine-tuned, features and columns were added and changed and the integration with social media was improved to capitalise on which news items work best on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

Horizontal programming was also increased. One functionality is Fragment Gemist, a way of
watching a must-see programme you may have missed on TV the night before and something everybody is now talking about. It started out as an experiment but will be developed into a paid video app by the second half of 2015. "It’s just one example of what we can test on, with the aim of creating successful new products," explains Van der Bijl.


LINDA. het bureau, an advertising agency to help advertisers create interesting concepts for the audience, was also started up last year. In this context National Jeans Day was organised for Levi's, offering discounts, a platform for women to share jeans experiences, tips and fitting sessions. As Van der Bijl observes, every woman deserves perfect jeans. "LINDA. het bureau is a great way to capitalise on the fact that we have three million readers," she adds.

"It's in our DNA to innovate"

LINDA. boeken was also launched in 2014 and it published eight target-group oriented books, three of which made the Dutch bestseller list. "It’s in our DNA to innovate," reasons Van der Bijl, "and we will launch two new products every year. Launch, learn, experiment, adjust and grow."


But success in 2014 hasn’t been limited to LINDA.’s new platforms. Subscriptions and newsstand sales of LINDA. magazine continue to grow, and last year it published its highest-selling issue ever. The secret of its success is making the best product possible, insists Van der Bijl, always being a step ahead and absolutely always putting customers first, because they are the brand’s best friends.

The mission is to keep growing, but carefully and not at the risk of exploiting the brand. "LINDA. wants to stay the most entertaining when it comes to creativity, the biggest when it comes to circulation and the best female brand in the Netherlands when it comes to quality. We intend to extend our lifecycle and maxomose our turnover."