In making the transition from a traditional newspaper to multimedia, and thus growing its digital media market share, Helsingin Sanomat is demonstrating that it can adapt and exploit the strength of its brand.

In 2014 Helsingin Sanomat’s consumer business underwent a clear change. Driven by the continuous improvement of the content and service experience, customer numbers and revenue stabilised, and even booked slight growth during the second half of the year. The company grew its digital media market share, fuelled by growth in mobile media usage and audience.

According to Petteri Putkiranta, Senior Vice President Helsingin Sanomat, did the company not only focus on the systematic improvement of the content experience, it also launched a number of new consumer service products, which boosted the circulation of the newspaper. In August 2014 the HS Ilta evening edition was launched. This was followed in October by HS Kirjasto, which Putkiranta describes as a groundbreaking subscription-based eBook service, currently with a selection of over 120 books, and steadily growing. Almost all the proprietary book publishers have joined the service and more and more eBooks are being added.

Excellent start

"The results are promising, to say the least," assures Putkiranta. The evening edition of HS Ilta has attracted a large share of its loyal customer base. Every week a fifth of the readers of the regular HS Ilta newspaper also read the evening edition. HS Kirjasto, the eBook service, is still in its early days, but Putkiranta is optimistic about its potential. Recently, over 10,000 readers used the service in just one week, which is an excellent start. TV channel HSTV also enjoyed steady growth during the second half of 2014, with a number of regular programmes.

Petteri Putkiranta:
"The results are promising, to say the least"

Helsingin Sanomat’s objective is to realise the world’s deepest reader engagement coupled with the best-performing advertising. We want to develop services that will stimulate consumers to use more content more often. This will generate new subscriptions, drive stronger retention and provide the kind of advertising that consumers will appreciate."