Taking the multi-channel perspective in everything we do

Sanoma Media Finland’s CEO Pia Kalsta is pleased to report significant digital developments for numerous brands. For television and radio, 2014 was also a good year. Print remains an important element in the portfolio.

Pia Kalsta, CEO of Sanoma Media Finland, considers 2014 as the year of the mobile invasion. "We have invested heavily in mobile. As the market leader, we can also drive change, not only react to it. We are the strongest player serving most of the platforms with high volumes, but we are also among the first to serve smaller platforms such as with Ilta-Sanomat content in Samsung smartwatches."

Kalsta names Helsingin Sanomat, the oldest of Sanoma’s news brands, as an example of ongoing development. "In 2014, Helsingin Sanomat launched a digital evening edition, as well as a digital book library for its subscribers. These are great new ways of serving our readers,"  Kalsta says. "Yet the core of our business is rich quality content. The thing we need to change – and I think we are already well on our way – is to remember the multi-channel perspective in everything we do."

A multi-channel mindset

Kalsta emphasises that a multi-channel mindset is crucial to all Sanoma brands and products. "A good example is our Donald Duck library (Aku Ankka Lataamo). We actually reached a world record in bringing our Donald Duck material online. And we have many more new services developed by our magazine unit Sanoma Lifestyle."

"Print still has a very important role in our portfolio. We need to find different roles for the various platforms in our multi-channel thinking. We innovate every day, in each of our units, with all of our products."

It was a good year for television and radio too. Vain elämää on Nelonen broke viewer records both on linear TV and online. "And Suomipop radio is now number one when it comes to commercial radio listening. Its advertising sales increased well over thirty percent."

During 2014 Sanoma formed joint consumer and media sales teams. There are many other teams that work across borders, also on the journalism side of the business. "Our multi-channel approach requires a new structure in the newsroom, as well as new skills. Our recognised print journalists are now also making TV, video, and online content. It not only adds value but also provides new angles to their work,"  Kalsta explains.

"Our multi-channel approach requires a new structure in the newsroom, as well as new skills"

In Finland, Sanoma reaches 94% of the population. "We have created our own consumer segmentation study to thoroughly understand the way Finns use media. Sanoma is number one in Finland, and we want to maintain that position when it comes to competing with the big global players as well,"  Kalsta states. "Our intention is to further develop our leading position by understanding and serving the needs of local consumers and customers the best. We carried out a lot of structural changes and streamlined our business. Now it’s time to concentrate on our consumers and customers."

Pia Kalsta has succeeded Pekka Soini as CEO of Sanoma Media Finland and in Sanoma's Executive Management Group (EMG). Pekka Soini will leave Sanoma at the end of 2015.