In 2014 Sanoma Digital's Performance Concepts team explored exciting new ways of making smarter use of Sanoma’s email database for advertisers.

The use of email databases is a very effective way of helping advertisers reach their targets and generate leads, such as newsletter subscriptions, brochure downloads and opt-in telephone numbers. This is the thinking behind the development of new lead concepts, deploying all Sanoma media channels, like print, websites and (mobile) display advertising.

Loyalty campaign

"During the second half of 2014 Sanoma Digital embarked on an exciting new strategy,"  says Frank Dionisius, Manager Performance Concepts. His team initiated a loyalty campaign using the Libelle magazine brand. They developed a customer competition and on the strength of the Libelle brand collected high-quality leads for Dutch national lottery operator, Staatsloterij. In it, the cover of the magazine carried a unique code that could be used to register on a special online platform. The campaign was explained in more detail inside the magazine and underscored through the use of the Libelle website and e-mail database.  This first campaign harvested over 78,000 respondents who filled in compulsory name and address fields. Not wanting to seem to take advantage of its readers, leaving a phone number was made optional. However, over 44,000 people left their phone numbers so they could be called by Staatsloterij with a unique offer.

Substantial revenue

This campaign produced leads that generated substantial revenue and the success of the concept led to a year-long deal with the Staatsloterij. The plan now is to roll it out across the whole Sanoma network.  An advantage of working with email databases is that it’s possible to establish what works best in getting as many people as possible to the platform, something that cannot really be done with print. "It means we can continuously fine-tune our actions to get the best results,"  says Dionisius.

More turnover

Dionisius’ team then repeated the process for energy company Essent, again exploiting the strength of the Libelle brand to run a customer competition. However, they did a few things differently the second time around. For example, by using a digital tool they could ensure that 95% of the data people were giving was genuine. It was a minor adjustment, but it boosted turnover by 25%.  "The concept works like a charm," concludes Dionisius. "In the future we intend to expand beyond print and use other Sanoma websites and mobile channels such as, and to approach advertisers in other segments too."