Sanoma recruitment is expanding its offering and provides new services for both job seekers and employers.

A strategy review in 2013–2014 showed Mika Ruokonen, Director Recruitment Business at Sanoma Digital’s, that it was time to make some changes. With new market opportunities looming and the overall Finnish recruitment market evolving, Ruokonen and his team understood that they could offer their customers, recruiters, more value if completely new elements were to be added. A lot of valuable thinking and preparation work had been done already earlier in 2013 and therefore the foundation for the changes was solid; now in 2014 it was time to take action.

'We started a so-called value chain expansion: a journey from pure job listing business towards full recruitment solutions for companies. In practice that means that we invest in technologies such as data analytics, and new services that we can offer to our customers: the recruiters,’ says Ruokonen.

More than media

Ruokonen and his team concluded that they’d have to offer 'more than just media' products. They also wanted to innovate more and take new products faster to the market. Moreover, they realised that it would make a lot of sense to form ecosystems with which they could serve their customers, together with selected partners.

So in 2014 Sanoma Recruitment accelerated its technology development activities significantly. The company instigated partnerships with leading players in the areas of psychological testing, gamified recruitment solutions and video interview tools. 'Together with our own new offerings, these collaboration initiatives smoothen our path towards more comprehensive recruitment solutions,' Ruokonen says.

Best-of-breed solutions as the target

 ‘There is of course still quite some work to do to move towards a comprehensive recruitment service provider role, which is eventually our ambition. However, we have recently taken very good steps and our direction is very clear’, Ruokonen explains.