The quick and successful development of a new app has shown Sanoma Lifestyle the advantages of a new way of working.

To create new media offerings Sanoma Lifestyle recently adopted what Project Manager Liina Putkonen calls a 'lean' development method. A great example of its successful application is a new app called ´Mun Treenari´. Developed by Sanoma Lifestyle’s health team, this app targets busy women who want to live a healthier lifestyle or change their living habits.

Lean methodology

Putkonen explains that for this project they abandoned their old way of working. In the past, a content-oriented department would plan a new service that others, like the digital department, would develop. No real collaboration would take place. However, using lean methodology all the necessary talents work together in the same team and decisions are made by the people doing the work.

Thanks to this methodology Sanoma Lifestyle was able to move faster than ever. In early 2014 some basic research was carried out to find out what kind of functionalities the target group would want in the app. Then, by early June, a team comprising a team leader for content production, a concept designer, a coder and a web designer, was put together. Acting as team leader and advisor, Digital Director Toni Laturi fashioned them into a real ´lean team´. The Mun Treenari app was released just four months later.


Mun Treenari, available for iPhone and Android devices, helps you change your habits and is easy to use. It’s based on challenges, explains Putkonen and every day set tasks stimulate you to achieve your goals. For example, there’s an eight-week programme that coaches you to eat healthier and lose weight, while another helps train you to run 10 kilometres. The app also helps you to monitor your weight, sleeping habits, moods and much more besides.

Liina Putkonen:
"Working with lean methodology to help us develop interesting new lifestyle media is something we’ll be doing a lot more of in the near future"

Currently the app is being expanded with new functionalities and content, such as making it possible for users to take on challenges as part of a group. Focusing on ways to attract more users and mapping out B2B possibilities are also in the pipeline. The overall objective is to help more than 10,000 women change their lifestyle by only using their phone, explains Putkonen. "Moreover, working with lean methodology to help us develop interesting new lifestyle media is something we’ll be doing a lot more of in the near future."